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Visiting Small Towns

July 7, 2019

I was excited today as I was done making the trek from Calgary across the great plains and was now approaching a big city. It's not that the trek was difficult (or that the plains were yet over), it was just that I was excited to hit a new milestone.

In the middle of nowhere near Parkberg I saw a sign with a gopher and the number 13. I was not sure what it was all about at the time as I don't watch football.

The weather was nice and hot. Soon after passing Parkberg, I got a flat tire. My fourth in five days! Boy was I pissed. All the flats were in my back tire. The back tire has the most weight on it and gets worn quick and mine was real worn. By this point I must have done around 2500km on the current set of tires and needed new ones. I got new pair (Continental gatorskin 700 and a Bontrager AW3) of 'puncture' proof (nothing is puncture proof) tires the next day in Regina for over 150 dollars Canadian - jeeeez that price tag stings. I almost cracked at one of the staff working at the bike shop - what hills do they train on in Regina?

Soon I reached the town of Mortlach. A lot of towns you will pass are a few kilometres away from the highway far enough for you to not know what's going on there. Usually I pass them as I want to get as far as possible east and don't want to waste time. However, this time I was curious and I biked to the town. It was wonderful. I did not know such a small town can look so welcoming.

Inside the local restuarant. I was not the first bicyclists to stop here as I found in the restroom. The restroom was filled with messages such as Mark Wallis biking from Argentina to Alaska or Harriett, Paul, Daniel cycling from Vancouver to Montreal on August 5th, 2016
Beautiful cloud.
Cloud chasing me into Regina. I am aware that every second day so far I have claimed that a cloud is chasing me - I promise you that I'm not paranoid.

The closer I got to Regina, the busier the traffic. You can see Regina many kilometers away by the 3 (okay 10) mini skyscrapers in the distance. The city is nice, but I did not have much time to explore all of it. I enjoyed the city park and the various bike paths. I was impressed by the downtown area. I stopped at the Hi Hostel for two nights for my rest day(I left my charger there by accident and it ended up getting mailed home - great service!). The room I stayed in was empty - I paid 30 dollars a night to sleep like a king in the city! My rest day, I did some shopping and biking around town. I purchased splints for my hands as the carpal tunnel was starting to bother me. They helped me a little, but the major fix was for me to focus on making sure I keep my shoulders and arms relaxed while I bike.

City views
City views
City views
City views
The Immigrant Recognition Sculpture Project
City View
Frederick Hill