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Goodbye St. Lawrence

August 10, 2019

The church at Trois-Pistoles
How fast am I going?

The clouds did not disappear over night. I was in for another day of rain. 'Boys Are Back In Town' was stuck in my head all day today which made the rain less of an issue. I packed up quick and warmed up at the town's Tim Hortons before embarking. By the time I got to Rimouski, I was freezing cold, soaking wet and my breaks were no longer working as they were covered in muck and dirt. It was all rain on the way there. On the way into town I was passed by an old fella decked out in a bike wet suit that I've never seen before. He slowed down near to ask me where I was headed. He first asked in French. I tried answering, but my listening French is not that good. I always made an effort to speak my best French as I feel it is the respectful thing to do. He then continued onward.

I stopped at Rimouski at McDonalds for a couple of hours until the rain calmed down. When ordering my lunch the person at the till stopped me from ordering in my French and confessed that he speaks best in English - we laughed over that and had a nice conversation. I talked to a family there about my adventures briefly and also caught up with some friends over phone.

A museum near Rimouski. I did not have time to visit as I needed to cover distance after sitting in McDonalds. I find submarines fascinating.
The weather turned sunny after waiting at Rimouski - making the annoyance with the morning's weather seem so so far away. Despite the rain I encountered during the trip, the sun always makes me forget the past rain. The view and cottages were very nice - great place to spend a summer. I talked to many people about my journey today.
Soon I had to turn away from the St Lawrence and plunge into the forest. Goodbye St Lawrence!
View not far from Amqui. Beautiful valley.