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Giant Pepsi Can - Is this clickbait? An analysis.

July 24, 2019

Sigi woke up way before me and was waiting for me all packed up. I packed up and then we headed out. However, soon we realized that Sigi has a flat. It took a while to fix the situation as her spare ended up punctured - now it was my turn to wait. I did not feel too bad anymore for sleeping in (till around 800).

View from camp. The tents were four meters from the water

I wanted to get ahead as far as possible because Waterloo (home) was very close and I was very excited to get there. We biked real fast. It was as if we were racing each other, not wanting the other to think that they are tired or slower. The morning was a little rainy.

A typical northern Ontario town view - not super exciting.

We hit the side roads shortly after the previous image. We raced (without declaring it a race) all the way to Espanola. We didn't have to bike single file here.

Typical road view.

We stopped at Espanola and took a well deserved break. We purchased supplies at the grocery store and embarked to Goat island where we expected to camp. We were immediately met with big hills and I was freshly loaded from the grocery store - lots of work ahead! I was biking slow and Sigi rushed ahead. I didn't see her much until Goat Island. On the way there I met a bicyclist. He was on the bigger side of things and very sweaty. I asked him from where he was coming and he said the east coast. We didn't talk much.

The rocks and views on Manitoulin were unique and beautiful. I enjoyed the evening's ride. I stopped at a reservation to purchase a couple of cigars.

Is that a Pepsi can in the distance....my addiction to pop has given me hallucinations.
Split the cake that was on sale in Espanola. I ate about half of that as well as soup and a bunch of sardine cans.
Stopped at Goat Island for the night. It was a rocky field by the water - a 'free' campground. It was my first time on Manitoulin island and it was very beautiful - I would love to explore it more.