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Chocolate Milk Bottles - A National Tragedy.

August 17, 2019

Today I biked to Sherbrooke. I woke up late again today and left around 1000 - I think I was still tired even after a rest day at PEI. I didn't know how far I would make it today but I wanted to go far. I wanted to make it to the ferry to Newfoundland as soon as possible. I still had time before the flight on 24th but I don't like to rush at the end. Today was sunny so I knew I had to go as far as I can.

Biking today was very hilly and I took few pictures. Instead of pictures I was enjoying the ride and ocean side views. Despite the beautiful views I did not think I could capture the beauty. There were few shoulders and the traffic was light. There were many chocolate bottles on the side of the road - not beer cans, not Tim Hortons...strange. Every time I saw a chocolate bottle on this sparsely populated stretch of road - I laughed at the absurdity. I reached Sheet Harbour and had lunch there. I left Sheet Harbour around 1700 and had 80km till Sherbrooke. I wasn't sure how far I would make it but I was going to push hard.

I ended up biking into town once it was dark. I didn't like biking out in the dark so towards the end I was sprinting. At one point I had to bike around a porcupine (?).

Saw this ship - CCGS Tupper
The only other picture I took today while waiting at a construction zone. You will see a lot of these across Canada. They provide a nice opportunity to take a break and wait. Sometimes if the wait is long enough and traffic busy then once the light is green you will lead an army of cars ahead until they all pass you.