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My Horrible Mistake

August 18, 2019

Today was rainy the entire time. Biking from Sherbrooke to the north side of Nova Scotia was mostly quiet with little traffic and beautiful views of valleys. I stopped at St Andrews at the convenience store to get some butter tarts and chocolate milk (don't worry - I did not throw the bottle on the ground). On the north side I saw a deer swimming in small bay (of the ocean). Near Port Hawkesbury the traffic picked up and got very busy. At Port Hawkesbury I had lunch at McDonalds - I talked to a couple of people about my adventure. Most people I talk to are old guys - old guys are the best.

I stopped at St Peters - I wish I could go further but the weather was not that great. When registering at the town's campground I had a friendly conversation with the senior camp stuff. We joked and talked about the bad weather - I eventually said - "You have to pay for the sunny days" and they immediately said yes in unison. I was surprised at both the seniors responding so quickly and thought perhaps I naturally discovered an idiom.

My horrible mistake is that I did not take into account the departing dates of the ferry. Today was Sunday but the next ferry to Argentia departs on Wednesday. I was already at St Peters which is half a days worth of riding away from Nova Scotia's ferry terminal at Sydney. I will now have to relax in Sydney. Not sure if spending an extra day at Halifax would have been better. I was close enough to my flight date of 24th where I did not want to risk missing the ferry. It doesn't really matter as I didn't have a time machine at the point of my realization.

Because of the rain, I did not take that many pictures. This is the road not far from St Peters