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Best Day on the Road

June 30, 2019

Today was the best day of the entire trip. It was a combination of the views, people I biked with, consistent sunshine and a great evening.

I woke up early, before 600 and after breakfast I was ready to rumble. I noticed a few of the big tour group members getting an early start. I started biking at the same time as 4 of the group's bicyclist were starting their ride. The early ride out of Golden was very hill and I did my best to keep up with the 4. At the very beginning it was challenging with the uphill and they were at a maximum distance of 100m, but eventually I caught up and rode with them together. Even though they had better bikes and no panniers on them, I could not let them beat me. For one of them this was his third trip - the trip was supposed to take a total of 68 days for them (I think). We rode together all the way to Fields after which we split apart.

Beautiful mountains ahead.
Notice the contrast between the RV size and the height of man made cliff.
Every one stopping for a picture. The mirrors on the handle bars are useful. The one I purchased didn't work for me as my back panniers blocked the view - I relied on looking back and mostly my hearing during the trip.
Mountain with a crown.
Beautiful colours.
Near Fields.
A rare picture of myself.

After Fields I worked my way to Lake Liouse. When I saw the exit on the highway, I was excited as I was wanted a break. Little did I know that to get to the lake after taking the exit one has to cover a lot of uphill. The road leading to the park was packed with cars slowly making their way up to the parking lot at a crawling pace (it was the Canada day long weekend). I slowly raced against the cars all the way to the park where I took a nice long break.

Trains and mountains.
Another rare picture. I look and feel tired after the previous days worth of biking. My stomach looks huge.

I left the lake and headed to Banff. I knew I wouldn't see anymore of the bike tour group as they were stopping at the lake for the night. On the way to Banff I had a car stop and ask me for directions - imagine that!

By the time I reached Banff, the weather was very sunny and I was happy to finally be in the sun. The town was pretty but designed more for high end tourists it seemed. I was grateful to find a spot without reservation at the Tunnel Mountain campground. I purchased a good bottle of red wine and enjoyed the unlimited fire wood offered at the campsite.