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In Calgary for some rest

July 1, 2019

Finally a sunny morning! I left the campground early and biked out to the beautiful view.

Beautiful view of a mountain and my bike. The people in the background in the lawn chairs look like little elves sitting on my bike.
Same mountain but zoomed in and to the right. A building hides in the trees.

A van pulled up while I was observing the view and one of the guys that got out approached me and we talked a bit. He was my age and woke up around 4am to run up the mountain in front of us all the way to the top with his friends. I would have loved to climb up that mountain myself, but I was hungry and had to keep going. Maybe sometime in the future. I tried stopping at a Timmies for food, but the line was way too long so I decided to hit up the next town over - Canmore.

On the way to Canmore, I ended up biking on the highway which had plenty of shoulder space and was nice. However, I soon realized that there is bike path to my right near the highway where there were dozens of bicyclists enjoying their morning ride. A lot of them were looking my way and some even waved. None of that matters. All that matters is the old man I was racing who was on the bike path going in the same direction as me. I had the advantage most of the time, but it was close. After about 20km his path veered off and that's it.

Soon I reached the edge of the mountains. The riding was smooth and fast with all the downhill despite the head wind.
A view of the mountains. I am taking a picture from the exit lane. On roads where the traffic is really intense (as pictured), it is best to just take the exit and then immediately take the entrance back on to the highway in order to avoid crossing the exit lane on the highway.
The header image used. The truck was not moving but the picture gives the impression as if it is - making the picture seem like a rare catch. The contrast of the red and blue is nice.

Towards the evening it got rainy again. Eventually I made it to the HI city hostel where I stopped for two nights in order to take a rest day.

View of the city. The downtown area was surprisingly empty all the time and traffic lights were sideways.
A friend sent me the GPS coordinates of where I could get this nice view of the city.
The next day I was biking around town to buy stuff and I captured this really good skyline (unfortunately not a sunny view). The bike paths that connect all parts of town are numerous and great but are very bumpy.

My hostel roommates were cool. One was an old Italian fella who flew in for some rodeo/festival event to make connections with the local beef businesses. He saw an opportunity as there were recent news of worsening relations between China and Canada. He brought with him cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Another roommate was a hitchhiker who was coming from Montreal and made it to Calgary in three days by getting a lucky ride. He was interested in my bike trip and said that he wants to try it one day too.

Canada day fireworks. It was about 10 degrees that day - super chilly.
The next day I purchased a better air pump and a chain cleaner device and explored the city.