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Made it to a Big City

July 22, 2019

The climbs in the beginning of the day were real tough. A few kilometres into my ride I met a senior biking. We talked a bit about where are travelling and I continued past. 40km later I met another couple of seniors doing a cycling tour around the Great Lakes.

Today I didn't take many pictures as I was enjoying the views and my thoughts. The beaches by Pancake Bay were very beautiful and I would have loved to go for a swim there. Harmony Bay was especially beautiful.

I biked to Velorution in Sault Ste. Marie (I don't think I will ever remember how to pronounce this). They have a place where you can camp for the night and take a shower at for free. At the bike shop I met Sigi, she was biking from Vancouver to the east coast and started on June 21st (which is only two days before me). I'm not the only one crushing! I headed to Walmart and to the hardware store to purchase food for dinner and a clamp for my front bike rack as 10km before reaching the city my front rack started giving me trouble to the point where I had to unhook the front pannier and carry it on my steering wheel (...is that what it's called...a steering wheel?...never mind it is handlebar - of course!).

For dinner I had yogourt, wine, butter tarts, lipton soup and sardine cans. I was a little paranoid camping there as there was a path near the 'campground' where anyone could walk by, but it all ended up OK.

The view from one of the first climbs.
Gram from a few days back suggested driving onto one of those truck weighing stations and just weigh my bike. I did just that. The display says 130kg (it rounds to the nearest 10) - this includes me and my bike.